Carissa's Magical Money Spells

These 4 simple scripts will increase sales in your business like magic! Follow the instructions, one, two, three, and you'll soon see, how easy growing your business and making money really can be!


Did you know that there are some VERY simple things you could be doing in your business, that don’t cost you any money at all, but that will help to bring in soooooo much more of it?


Seriously, so many small business owners are missing out on so many extra sales, because they are not doing these very simple things.


(I know because as a customer, I hardly EVER experience them from businesses I purchase from)....

And each time I tell my clients to start implementing these things (and they do) they are like “hey, look at how much my business grew this last year” and it’s like, doubled or tripled or something ridiculously awesome…

Back when I was growing my hair and beauty salons, I created these simple strategies I used every single week that I really do believe were the FOUNDATION of the rapid growth I experienced within my business.


Really, there were all about MAXIMISING everything that I already had, while coming from a place of absolute love and care for my customers.

Like, I was making the most amount of money I could possibly make from people, but in a way where they wanted to spend it with me.

Seriously, it’s a little bit like magic how much your business can grow just by ever so slightly changing the words you use or the way you do things like following up & confirming appointments.

I’ve actually decided that the theme of my life and business at the moment is going to be: MAGIC!

And I have had some incredible amazing magical ideas already that I am sooooooooo excited to share with you!

The first one is sharing these fantastic little secret strategies with you that I used when growing my salons, my wholesale product range AND that I still use today when growing my personal brand and coaching business.

I’ve created for you “Carissa’s Magical Money Spells” !!!

It’s a brand new, cute AF, tiny little super easy to consume and implement DIGITAL SPELL BOOK that is going to help you change the foundation of your money making in your business from this point forward!

There are 4 little magic spells (scripts) inside that you can copy and implement straight away and start seeing results from!

Really, I want you to write down what your current monthly revenue from your clients is at the moment, and then implement these little scripts for the next few months, and then compare!

When you make these super quick and super easy little strategies a part of your every day business routine, omg… well, you’ll see just how quickly things will improve!!

And the BEST PART?

Because this is brand new, I’m offering it for a magical tiny little investment for you!

If you have a spare $4.99 and a BURNING DESIRE to make more money in your business, this is exactly what you need to try right now.

I’m so convinced that this little spell book will help you, because it works for me AND has worked for many of my clients over the years…

But I’m going to offer a money back guarantee ANYWAY for your piece of mind, just incase, you implement these little spells, and if they don’t work for you, just email me back, I’ll refund you. <3 

The simple truth is, businesses that use this magic little tricks will grow faster and make more than those who don’t.

If you want to be one of the business owners that is serious about maximising the money they make, definitely try my magic spells for yourself ;)

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Yes, Add Mini Magic Client Attraction Potion


Have you ever struggled to grow your audience, get more followers or understand how Facebook ads work? If yes, struggle no more! Let’s make those problems disappear right here, like MAGIC!

After you’ve brewed this speedy, fun and results focussed mini potion (in less than an hour)! You will immediately be able to watch your audience of new ideal clients grow before your very eyes!

There are 3 super simple ingredients (lessons) and when combined in the right order you’ll get to experience the excitement of seeing your numbers go up and up and up!


  • Ingredient 1: Vision - You need to know and be able to clearly SEE who your ideal clients are, this is the very first step in being able to attract more of them!

  • ‚ÄčIngredient 2: Mind Reading - In order to attract your ideal clients to you, you need to be able to know what they are thinking! I’m going to show you how to do this.

  • ‚ÄčIngredient 3: Attraction - Next I’m going to show you the most quick and easy way to use your vision and your mind reading start calling in your ideal clients to you with a super simple Facebook ad!

    This mini potion has been created for anyone who wants or needs a SUPER simple strategy to get started with successful advertising on Facebook!

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